Project description

Task and idea

For our client MAHLE Aftermarket, we developed a cross-channel campaign for the truck sector (“High & Heavy”). The campaign “Work. Perfectly done.” is based on the approach that all vehicles in the truck segment have one thing in common: They are needed for real work. Work! By craftsmen, farmers, logisticians and many more.
And in order for this work to be done reliably, it needs a supplier and partner – MAHLE.

Core message: “Work. Perfectly done.”

“You give everything to make your work as perfect as possible. And we, too, always try to give everything to ensure that you are successful and that everything runs smoothly and perfectly – regardless of whether you are a wholesaler, workshop owner, workshop employee, driver or entrepreneur.”


Sector/Products: Automotive, OEM, workshop business, worldwide
Customer since: 2020

Measures taken:

  • Campaigning

  • Creative ideas

  • Competition research

  • Core message and key visual

  • Image film

  • Brochures

  • Social media campaign

Mahle - Trucks
Mahle - Trucks
Mahle - Trucks
Mahle - Trucks

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