Project Description


Project description

MOSOLF is much more than just a transport company. It’s one of Europe’s leading logistics service providers and supports customers with a wide range of services across the whole value chain and vehicle life cycle.

We ran a brand workshop, and using the results, worked with the management team to develop a long-term brand strategy and a core statement, ‘Your best partner in automotive business’. The statement incorporates Mosolf’s overall philosophy as well as its values and objectives. The company philosophy sets the framework for everyone involved in the brand.

Having defined the brand strategy, we standardised the logo and corporate design for all national and international subsidiaries.

Alongside the typography and design grid, the new Mosolf ‘dynamic’ is the central, connecting element of the company’s new image. The dynamic reflects performance, innovative spirit and a pioneering role. It catches the eye and demands brand recognition.

Composed in the company’s corporate colours, it’s used in all key visuals and high-profile images.


Sector/products: automobile logistics, worldwide
Customer since: 2006


Long-term marketing strategy with core statement: ‘Your best partner in automotive business’

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