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We are a full-service agency specialising in the requirements of the automotive and component supply industry. We know what you mean by OEM, AM, shared mobility, hybrid technology and ‘The Green Hell’. Because we’re specialists, we outpace and outperform agencies that don’t have our expert grasp of the industry’s idiosyncrasies and shifts.

We are creative consultants, sparring partners and solution providers for our customers. Our superb core team of project managers has years of experience in the automotive sector as well as a proven agency- and customer-side track record (such as RECARO’s marketing management team), complemented by an extensive network of external specialists. We have just the right mix of creatives and strategic planners, and they’re all raring to go – worldwide, wherever our customers need us!

We’re based just outside Stuttgart – Germany’s ‘motor city’ – at the heart of the action. FACT. Fuel for automotive communications.


GDA-Award 2021
Automotive Brand Contest 2019

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Range of services

We are marketing consultants as well as a classic advertising agency. Before starting conceptual and creative work, we believe in comprehensive marketing analysis to position your brand in the right way. Our modular service structure means you decide whether you want to work with us as a full-service agency or simply on individual project deliverables. Every single job is equally important to us.

Module 1

Analysis / brand strategy
Market research/benchmarking, brand analysis, target group definition with analysis of motif and lifestyle, development of brand strategy and positioning

Module 2

Corporate identity
Logos, naming, premises, packaging, corporate architecture, employer branding etc.

Module 3

Communication strategy
Development of measures, choice of media, timing, budget, etc.

Module 4

Conception and implementation of measures
Media, POS, sales promotions, image and product advertising, radio and TV, etc.

Module 5

Conception and implementation of online measures
Websites, apps, social media (implementation, care and support facebook, twitter, pinterest, YouTube channels etc.), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Google analytics, Google webmaster tools etc.

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We are a highly-motivated team consisting at present of fifteen permanent members with many years of experience of the automotive industry on both the customer and the agency side. We have just the right mix of creatives and strategic planners, and they are all positively raring to go.

Jens Albrecht

CEO, shareholder
Creative Manager

Jens Albrecht studied communication design and is in charge of all creative processes including copywriting. He is an all-rounder who is well-versed in all areas, from printed and online materials to special topics, and who is more than likely to get hands-on with Creative Suite or to process online material with HTML5 or Typo3.

He also has a German category A driving licence for racing, feels at home on many different racetracks and invests all his spare time in his classic car.

Jens Albrecht (on the left), Andreas Fahrion (on the right)

Andreas Fahrion

CEO, shareholder
Creative Manager, Business Management Strategy

He has a masters’ degree in business administration (FH), over 10 years’ experience on the customer side (most recently as marketing manager at RECARO) and 17 years’ experience on the agency side: this means that not only are outstanding services provided in terms of creativity, but the resulting solutions are also achievable. His main strengths lie in strategic planning, concepts and the creative side, but he also has an involvement with finance and human resources.

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