When your car needs a repair you take it to a proper garage – what about your advertising?

FACT is a full-service agency specialising in the requirements of the automotive and component supply industry.
An agency that understands what you mean by OEM, AM, shared mobility, connectivity, hybrid technology and ‘The Green Hell’.
We’re based just outside Stuttgart – Germany’s ‘motor city’ – at the heart of the action.
FACT. Fuel for automotive communications.

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Range of services

Module 1

Analysis/brand strategy
Market research/benchmarking, brand analysis, target group definition with analysis of motif and lifestyle, development of brand strategy and positioning

Module 2

Corporate Identity
Logos, naming, premises, packaging, corporate architecture, employer branding etc.

Module 3

Communication strategy
Development of measures, choice of media, timing, budget, etc.

Module 4

Design and implementation of measures
Media, POS, sales promotions, websites (design and implementation), apps, trade fairs/events, image and product advertising, radio and TV.

Module 5

Design and implementation of online activities
Websites, apps, social media (setup, maintenance and support for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube channels, etc.), search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, etc.