Comfort zones for your communication – Eberspächer


Project description Thrills, wild jumps and millions of YouTube fans around the world – the life of bike pro Danny MacAskill is one of extremes. His stunts and films are both cult and high art and take him to the most picturesque and exposed places in the world including [...]

Power against winter cold – Eberspächer


Project description Advertising motifs for various companies' AM divisions Shortfacts Sector/products: Eberspächer Group (exhaust systems, vehicle heaters, bus A/C systems, vehicle electronics, bus systems in cars), aftermarket + OEM, worldwide Customer since: 2009 Awards The goose bumps ad received an Honourable [...]

„Hackl-Schorsch“ – Eberspächer


Project description Eberspächer is a well-established sponsor of the World Luge Championships. So it stood to reason that we would kick off the company's advertising in 2014 around the Olympics, with a testimonial from Georg Hackl. Hackl, famously nicknamed the 'speeding sausage' has long been appearing in Eberspächer's traditional [...]

360 degrees online/digital


Project description For more than 10 years we have been providing our customer Eberspächer with 360° digital support worldwide. This involves complex full service projects such as conceptual design, content creation and programming (Typo3), as well as simpler, quick-turnaround applications. In addition to the creative side, particular challenges for [...]

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