RECARO Automotive Seating – Relaunch Website


Project description After countless hours of hard work – brainstorming, screen design, writing, image editing, meetings, sprints and scrums – the new global website for RECARO Automotive Seating is now live. After close collaboration with RECARO Automotive Seating in Germany and the USA as well as specialists from Mediatouch [...]

Social Media – RECARO Automotive Seating


Project description Whether in the B2C or B2B environment, social media helps forge customer relationships. To succeed, it requires a good social media strategy, which we developed through joint workshops. The starting point for a marketing strategy is always market, competitor and industry analysis. By comparing 'where we are [...]

Sitting safely to win safely. – RECARO Automotive Seating


Project description Content counts – but the customer only benefits from what people actually read. That's why we designed the new RECARO brochures and associated flyers for car seats and racing shells with a new, attractive magazine look. Short sections of copy, quotes and plenty of pictures showcase the [...]

Real pictures meet 3D – RECARO Automotive Seating


Project description How do you show digitally created design and concept studies of new seats in a real vehicle interior? Easy. With CGI. For RECARO Automotive Seating's new interior photos, we teamed up with photographers, CGI specialists and post-production experts to combine classically photographed real images of cars and [...]

Feel Performance Lounge – RECARO Automotive Seating


Project description Design of promotional material for the 24h race lounge at the Nürburgring. Partner: Die Wortwerkstatt, Stadelmayer Shortfacts Sector/Products: Aftermarket car seats, racing shells, commercial vehicle seats, standard equipment and aftermarket, worldwide Customer since: 1998 More [...]

The connection between man and machine – RECARO Automotive Seating


Project description The perfect symbiosis of man and machine demands perfect advertising motifs, whether for end customers, racing teams or car manufacturers. Sometimes sporty, sometimes creative, and sometimes philosophical – but always in line with the premium standards of the brand. Shortfacts Sector/Products: Aftermarket car seats, [...]



Project description In close cooperation with RECARO Holding, we undertook a major corporate design relaunch starting in 2012, and adapted and supplemented the Group-wide CD manual accordingly for the RECARO Automotive Seating division. Core elements included virtual 3D cockpits with a wireframed look, which could be populated with selected [...]

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