Project Description


Project description

Eissmann Group Automotive from Bad Urach is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality shifter modules, trim components and full car interiors.

During the company’s successful expansion we developed and implemented a new corporate design and a whole raft of internal and external communications media such as brochures, flyers, ads, roll-ups, mobile product stands, trade show stands and a corporate video.

We also worked intensively on the design of the company’s own communication centre. Thanks to top-quality display cases, a variety of wall designs and a multimedia company presentation, the implementation of the corporate design was a great success.

In addition, for several years we’ve been providing concepts, content and technical support for Eissmann’s corporate website including all applications – for example, the Job Finder. Lastly, we’re responsible for onboarding and training the company’s content editors Group-wide.


Sector/products: interiors for premium brands, worldwide
Customer since: 2006

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