Project description

Task – HELLA calendar concept

The HELLA workshop calendars enjoy enormous popularity among workshops worldwide! They are even already communicated on various collector platforms and offered for resale. Our task was to develop completely new approaches for the 2024 calendar motifs based on existing images.

Creative idea – Street Art

Graffiti and street art have developed into an art style of their own that is recognised worldwide, and not just since Banksy. With young and old. For this reason, we are implementing the existing workshop motifs in a modern graffiti style and positioning them in urban environments such as concrete walls, which can be found around the workshops all over the world.


Sector/Products: Automotive industry, IAM – Independent Aftermarket, worldwide
Customer since: 2023

Measures taken:

  • Conception and implementation of the calendar

HELLA Werkstattkalender | Titelseite
HELLA Werkstattkalender | Innenseiten 1
HELLA Werkstattkalender | Innenseiten 2

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