Project description

EUROLUB, based in Eching near Munich, is one of Germany’s top five suppliers for lubricants, additives and car care products – and indeed the number one for antifreeze.

To develop its market position in Germany and open up additional markets worldwide, we ran a series of workshops to reposition its global brand and communication strategy, update the logo wording and revise the corporate design. The workshops also covered topics such as the corporate architecture and vehicle signage. In addition, we fine-tuned the wording of its catalogues and website.

In line with the new, more self-assured strategy, we changed EUROLUB’s core statement from ‘The Clever Alternative’ to ‘The Clever Choice’. This seemingly small tweak meets the company’s new objective and supports its market position, because EUROLUB is no longer just an ‘alternative’ to the leading brands.

We’ve also developed a raft of cross-media activities as well as a modular, flexible dealer incentive scheme called ‘Formula E – Best Performer Program’.


Sector/Products: Lubricants, additives and car care for the vehicle parts market, Germany
Customer since: 2015

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