Project description

VIEROL AG is a specialist for electronic components and engine management in the automotive sector. VIEROL supplies more than 43,000 vehicle parts to 125 countries on all continents. The product portfolio of the VEMO, VAICO and ACKOJA brands ranges from EGR valves to timing belts.

In the course of opening up the new business segment “Caravan and Leisure” – with new product ranges – we were commissioned to develop a coherent communication concept for the VEMO and VAICO brands, including positioning, core message and creative idea.

The target groups are the trade – initially primarily the IAM, later also channels outside the industry – and the end user.

In this context, we conducted an expert survey (internal and external) and a target group survey together with the client and developed the new communication concept based on this.

Central elements of the creative concept we developed are the core message “Be clever” and the “fox mask”. The creative concept is unique in “workshop communication”, it catches the eye, arouses curiosity, simply gets to the heart of all the advantages and is extremely attention-grabbing. In addition, all personal and professional needs and motives of the target groups are actively addressed:

– “Be smart, find low-priced but high-quality alternatives!”
– “Why buy accessories from the vehicle dealer or OE when there are equivalent alternatives?”
– For existing dealers – especially in the IAM – new sales opportunities arise


Sector/Products: Electronic components and engine management in the automotive sector
Customer since: 2022

Measures taken:

  • Brand workshop

  • Target group survey

  • Positioning including tonality

  • Core message

  • Key-Visual

  • Creative concept

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